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The Truth About Slow Download Speeds in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

If you’re an avid player of Microsoft Flight Simulator, you may have experienced frustratingly slow download speeds despite having a high-speed internet connection. While many users have suggested various fixes, the real issue lies in the throttling of Microsoft Servers hosted in Azure. According to users on the Flight Simulator forum thread, the slow download speeds have been a major… Read more →

Teams Panels now need a paid licence

Today some sites upgraded their Yealink Panels from Firmware to and immediately logged out with this message. “Your current license is not supported on this device.” It seems that Microsoft announced this change in a convoluted way. (In other words hiding the fact that it now needs a paid license and that Teams Rooms Basic doesn’t cut it… Read more →

Azure AD Connect Old Version Download

Microsoft, we know, like to retire old versions of servers. That does not, however, help engineers who are migrating customers from On Prem to Azure AD but have no budget to spend on an upgrade to 2012 R2, and have focussed that spend on Azure / 365 instead. So, for all you legends out there, making the SME work, and… Read more →

More Flight Simulator Updates from X019

I have had one of those weeks where its been meeting, phone call, installation, legal, HR….. and no fun. Then tonight, I got to sit down and read up on the thing I have been looking forward to (as have at least 50% of my kids). Flight Simulator (next) The team released a new trailer today, and screenshots. Take them… Read more →

Its ramping up….

Today was insane, I came back from work and I have a ton of articles that I am reading through, some of which are just unbelievable if you love Flight Simulator! There is so much, but here is a few. Oh, how I remember being important enough o be invited to these things before 🙂 Last but not least,… Read more →

Flight Simulator Tech Alpha is Open :)

I fell asleep last night waiting…. but its open now, You will be filling out a survey and sending in a detailed DXDiag of your gaming machine to Microsoft. Then the wait begins! From – QUIT STALLING Apologies to those folks living outside the PST time zone. We’re trying to improve the timing of our posts and clearly we’ve… Read more →

The MVP Program

Today, I was forwarded a blogpost by a MVP, and his resignation from the program. The thing is, its not really something you can resign from, you just don’t renew or you kinda “decline your award”. I made it to 11 years in the program, and I have been long gone now – mainly because the products I worked with… Read more →