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Teams Panels now need a paid licence

Today some sites upgraded their Yealink Panels from Firmware to and immediately logged out with this message. “Your current license is not supported on this device.” It seems that Microsoft announced this change in a convoluted way. (In other words hiding the fact that it now needs a paid license and that Teams Rooms Basic doesn’t cut it… Read more →

Azure AD Connect Old Version Download

Microsoft, we know, like to retire old versions of servers. That does not, however, help engineers who are migrating customers from On Prem to Azure AD but have no budget to spend on an upgrade to 2012 R2, and have focussed that spend on Azure / 365 instead. So, for all you legends out there, making the SME work, and… Read more →

Exclaimer non descriptive error…..

“There was a general problem while updating the user’s signatures and settings during the operation” A very generic error message on a client machine running EXSYNC.EXE which other than above appeared to be ok.  The server also was giving no errors, and policy tests worked. The issue, was simple, but not simple to find.  Because the client machines used to… Read more →

Office 365 Login Scripts from Ryan are super handy!

Today again I found myself trying to remember the logon commands for Office 365 Powershell!   (Weirdly, I can remember commands once I am in, but constantly forget the logon ones).   Anyway, because this frustrated me again, a bit of Googling found me this blogpost from Ryan Mangan. Now, the whole story is not on Ryan’s site.    There are some other… Read more →

Blocking Executable Attachments (even in ZIP files) on Office 365 – Updated!

  SEE BELOW FOR UPDATES Original Post 16.10.2014: ________________________________________________________________________________________ Today, I was working with a nice PSS chap in Microsoft (Hi there Om Prakash Nath!) We were both working on a problem we were having where transport rules in Microsoft Office 365 were not correctly blocking executable attachments within emails to our clients.    This is something of a vital requirement… Read more →