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Flight Simulator Tech Alpha is Open :)

I fell asleep last night waiting…. but its open now, You will be filling out a survey and sending in a detailed DXDiag of your gaming machine to Microsoft. Then the wait begins! From – QUIT STALLING Apologies to those folks living outside the PST time zone. We’re trying to improve the timing of our posts and clearly we’ve… Read more →

Sloped Runways

Posted last week on the Flight Simulator Insider blog was this: Philosophical Question If a tree falls on a sloped runway but there is no one there to see it, is the runway still sloped? Answer: We hope so, because we’ve got curved/sloped runways in the next iteration of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Thats going to be awesome 🙂 Read more →

Flight Simulator – Today is the day…. (updated)

… that it all really starts again… Over on the Flight Simulator news page, they have announced the following important dates: AUGUST 15th – Insider Program Kickoff (preview of Development Roadmap Release) AUGUST 22nd – Development Roadmap Release (General Release) AUGUST 29th – Build Program Kickof One of the most important topics we see being discussed in the community is WHEN we plan… Read more →

Microsoft Flight Simulator Updates

Yes, I am still excited. Microsoft are once again pulling the inner child out of me (which many would say doesn’t actually take much as its difficult to tell the adult and child me apart anyway). I am on holiday in Spain right now which is funny because there are no clouds here but in the video on the Microsoft… Read more →

Microsoft Flight Simulator Returns

Its not often I get that feeling of being a kid again, but let me tell you… the moment I saw the E3 announcement about Flight Simulator returning to us, it all came flowing back. It was actually the reason I even came back here to look at my blog and think about putting it back to work. This… for… Read more →

Remember Squawkbox?

Well, if you do, you will also remember that my site was for years a mirror for the download.   I just found out that lots of people still come here to grab that mirror.    I just put it back. Agh!   I remember the days I had time to develop add-ons for Flight Simulator! 🙂   Read more →

Dovetail Games, do the right thing…..

As some of you know, Flight Simulator and I have a long history….   Which included a break up right around the time Microsoft axed the team and I had a “bit of a rant” at Steve Ballmer at the MVP summit. Some of the team that remained on after, worked hard to try and build within the limits of… Read more →

My mother used to say….

If you have nothing good to say, then say nothing at all. This has been true for anything other 140 characters for me for some time.    I really have not had anything good about the subjects you might expect from me and therefore have kept quiet.  But then, I rarely listened to my mother.. Microsoft have essentially killed the two… Read more →