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Is your Active Directory Authenticated website broken?

OK, this is old news to some, but it seems that this months Patches from Microsoft broke authentication to websites hosted on your domain…. There is a detailed and lengthy thread on Eric’s blog here, so I wont repeat it.    But suffice to say, if you are getting unexplained prompts on your IIS server, the answer actually lies on your… Read more →

And not & – HyperV 2012 R2 backup

Well, there goes about 40 Hours of my time on a support case with Microsoft. A short while back I wrote this article which fixed once, but the problem returned.   This time, I opened a case with Microsoft and for the last month or so, the case has been doing the rounds of Microsoft PSS people. Finally, the issue was… Read more →

Windows Backup not showing Messages and Jobs, but is running?

Another weird one today….   Windows Backup on Server 2012 R2 was showing me this: Notice how the “Last Backup” shows nothing, and also the Messages at the top are blank?    Well, this was the case even though the backups were running perfectly in the background.   I opened a Microsoft case on this one, because I thought it would be something… Read more →

Disabling Data Deduplication on Windows Server 2012R2

Sometimes you have to give up a technology because it doesn’t suit all scenarios…. Today, I had to remove Windows Server 2012R2 Data De-duplication, which is a very clever technology that reduces disk space use.   The downside in my scenario was that it also seemed to cause massive slowdown in Windows Server Backup, and whilst it gave me great disk… Read more →