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Azure AD Connect Old Version Download

Microsoft, we know, like to retire old versions of servers. That does not, however, help engineers who are migrating customers from On Prem to Azure AD but have no budget to spend on an upgrade to 2012 R2, and have focussed that spend on Azure / 365 instead. So, for all you legends out there, making the SME work, and… Read more →

VSS Permissions issue

I was working today on a 2012R2 server that would give random error messages during the backup relating to registry permissions. Unexpected error calling routine RegOpenKeyExW In my case this was showing FRS and WINS VSS issues, but vssadmin list writers would show all error free. In the end, to fix this issue, I checked further into the details tab… Read more →

Server stuck in endless Windows Update Reboot?

Yes, that happens from time to time. You have already cleaned up Windows Update, you have reset the Software Distribution folder. But yet your server still asks you to reboot every restart or worse, it does it for you without even prompting. The fix is actually quite easy (if you hit the same issue as me) Backup the following registry… Read more →

And not & – HyperV 2012 R2 backup

Well, there goes about 40 Hours of my time on a support case with Microsoft. A short while back I wrote this article which fixed once, but the problem returned.   This time, I opened a case with Microsoft and for the last month or so, the case has been doing the rounds of Microsoft PSS people. Finally, the issue was… Read more →