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The Truth About Slow Download Speeds in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

If you’re an avid player of Microsoft Flight Simulator, you may have experienced frustratingly slow download speeds despite having a high-speed internet connection. While many users have suggested various fixes, the real issue lies in the throttling of Microsoft Servers hosted in Azure. According to users on the Flight Simulator forum thread, the slow download speeds have been a major… Read more →

Flight Simulator Tech Alpha is Open :)

I fell asleep last night waiting…. but its open now, You will be filling out a survey and sending in a detailed DXDiag of your gaming machine to Microsoft. Then the wait begins! From – QUIT STALLING Apologies to those folks living outside the PST time zone. We’re trying to improve the timing of our posts and clearly we’ve… Read more →

Flight Simulator – Today is the day…. (updated)

… that it all really starts again… Over on the Flight Simulator news page, they have announced the following important dates: AUGUST 15th – Insider Program Kickoff (preview of Development Roadmap Release) AUGUST 22nd – Development Roadmap Release (General Release) AUGUST 29th – Build Program Kickof One of the most important topics we see being discussed in the community is WHEN we plan… Read more →

Microsoft Flight Simulator Updates

Yes, I am still excited. Microsoft are once again pulling the inner child out of me (which many would say doesn’t actually take much as its difficult to tell the adult and child me apart anyway). I am on holiday in Spain right now which is funny because there are no clouds here but in the video on the Microsoft… Read more →

Wing Commander 3… for FREE on Steam!

OK, its not like I am going to get any time to play this, but I couldn’t resist at least having it on my PC and ready….   Thank you Steam for bringing back some great memories of the game that first made me want to get involved in computers…  albeit game music development (yeah, that didn’t happen)   Read more →