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So, it appears that Microsoft pulled all the Microsoft Flow templates that used to work flawlessly and give you two way sync between Office 365 and Google Calendar.

This might not sound like a massive issue. That is unless you use Google Assistant or Alexa to deal with your day to day Calendar stuff. “Hey Google, remind me where my next meeting is” is rather crap with no information.

So, as a stopgap while Microsoft get their act together and publish some working templates, here is the answer….

Firstly, start with this template on the Flow website. Edit your calendar entries for the Office 365 and Google Calendars you want to sync up. But then you will get an error…..

Flow save failed with code ‘OpenApiOperationParameterValidationFailed’ and message ‘Input parameter ‘newEvent’ validation failed in workflow operation ‘Create_an_event’: The parameter with value ‘”@triggerOutputs()?[‘body/Start’]”‘ in path ‘newEvent/start’ with type/format ‘String/date-no-tz’ is not convertible to type/format ‘String/date-time’.’.

Which is a pretty sucky message to get…. and it took me ages to figure out how to fix it. Until I found a kind forum post hidden away on a site somewhere (which I cannot since relocate). But essentially the answer to fix the above is to remove some items in this section:

You remove the body/Start and body/End entries then add replacements for those, looking at the image below should assist…..

You add two expressions:

 convertToUtc(triggerOutputs()?['body/start'], 'GMT Standard Time') 
 convertToUtc(triggerOutputs()?['body/End'], 'GMT Standard Time') 

You can then remove the bottom part of the description to get rid of a load of rubbish metadata that is pulled over otherwise.

That worked for me anyway! 🙂

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