MVP Summit – Part 1 – Dublin to Newark

Here I am, at 32000ft in a beautiful Continental 767-400 on my way to the MVP summit at Microsoft Seattle.  As my American friends say, I am “Super excited”.  


This will be a busy summit for me, as I have to fit in to the Small Business Server and Flight Simulator product group schedules, but somehow I think I will manage!


I have a few things that I must remember to do this year. In no particular order…


1.                   Make sure to bring back my adoring wife, Rachel, something better than a “one size fits most“ Sleepless in Seattle nightdress.


2.                   Try to blog post about the summit.


3.                   Push for easier migration of SBS boxes.


4.                   Stop the release of patches until the SBS version (if indeed different) is tested and ready.  No more “Oh, for that patch to work you need ANOTHER patch”


5.                   Push for improved community relations from the flight simulator team.


6.                   Push for improved “standard design tools” from the flight simulator team.


7.                   Buy a Sigma Zoom lens for my camera as they are so much cheaper in the USA.


8.                   … same goes for an IPod.


More soon, and hope fully some pictures….  Lets hope the blog server holds out!

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