Dell XPS13 Slow speeds, high CPU especially with browsers

OK, so for months now my wife has been complaining.  No no, its not what you think.  I am, in fact, now picking up my socks off the floor.

This problem was (from my perspective) a lot worse.  A brand new Dell XPS13 laptop that was behaving abysmally slow when simply using a browser, and in general on other mundane tasks in Windows 10.

Anyway, I’ll skip all the details.  Basically there were two fixes for me…..

Initially, I had to disable “Speedstep” technology in the BIOS.  However, I then realised that the XPS had a ton of Intel updates waiting to be installed, including graphics, video and BIOS updates.  The Dell update I have just installed in 1.4.4 and it seems that for now, this problem is a thing of the past.

This might just help someone looking in the future…

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