Apple Watch


OK, so lets face it, the iPhone was always going to be amazing and I was always going to buy one.  But I was never sure about replacing my trustworthy Pebble watch which has served me well as a smart device on my wrist.

In fairness to the Pebble, it works really well.   First and foremost as a watch, it tells the time without me having to pull the phone out of my pocket.   But the best thing I always found was the ability to get notifications and quick updates on SMS / iMessage messages on the wrist.   All good stuff, but…..

The Apple watch just takes it to another level….Apple Watch

I mean this thing is just beautiful!  The Pebble looked like a brick on my wrist, but this I would wear anywhere…  even to a “smart” event….

Its integration to the iPhone looks seamless, well designed and “complete”.   Apple do interfaces so well….   its the main reason I went back to them after only a month of trying Android!

Lastly, and most importantly for me, the way the device integrates to personal health is critical to me.   The fact this watch will measure movement and fitness in such an innovative and clever way is the cherry on the cake for me.

Sold!   Even at 349 odd Euro!

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