Surface Pro 3 Firmware Updates

I am now a proud owner of a Surface Pro 3 i7 model.    Honestly, this is one of the best tech devices I have ever owned (that does not fly).

There have been various people in the Microsoft forums reporting issues with overheat and shutdown of the device.   My device only got “hot” once, and that was when I first installed and updated it with everything.   When I say “hot” I mean, it wasn’t uncomfortable, it was just hot to the touch…. for about 10 minutes.   Others in the forums have been reporting worse, but I have to say I believe that its a bit of people not getting the fact that there is an i7 in a tiny amount of space…..

Of the three Surface Pro 3 devices I have used, 2 were i5 devices, and my i7.    All are extremely quick, useful and “desktop / laptop / ipad” replacements for me.    Really, I have not used another device for day to day other than these…

Anyway, people ARE complaining, and that means that Microsoft have to listen and act.    Today, they released these updates (Sept 2014) where one mention fixes the thermostat icon on boot.   So, make sure to go and get that….

On the Microsoft forum, a Microsoft representative says:

The Surface Team released an update that resolves the incorrect “Thermometer Gauge” icon that a limited number of Surface Pro 3 Intel® Core i7 users experienced during reboot. The update corrects a boot time temperature setting that was set too close to the i7 operating temperature.  With the change, the Surface Pro 3 Intel® Core i7 devices are able to operate at their increased power levels without interfering with the reboot settings. This update is now available as part of the Windows Update for Surface.  More information about this update can be found on our Surface Pro 3 Update History page at

The update also includes continued improvements to Surface Pro 3’s Wi-Fi, including enhancements of overall Wi-Fi stability and reliability. We remain committed to continuing to enhance the user experience of Surface Pro 3, and encourage everyone to install the latest updates through Windows Update

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