SBS2008 to SBS "V7" Beta – My Migration – Part 2

OK, so I have a new SBS server on my domain.   21 Days to do the migration, but I prefer 21 hours tops…..

  1. So, my next step in this migration is to Robocopy over the redirected folders.   This will be very easy for me, as I hate folder redirection and therefore never enabled it on the SBS2008 box.    I ran the robocopy and it took less than a second to create the empty folders.   I guess with a larger set of data that might take a while!   Of course, if I did have the folder migration enabled, the guide also points me to updating my group policy – and importantly – leaving both servers online until all machines have redirected to the new server!
  2. Now I run through the SBS Migration list……..
  3. So far so good, apart from the fact I had to manually setup my DHCP server as it did not like the funky things I was doing with that (other subnets etc).
  4. Now comes a scary part….. moving the exchange data.   First thing to do is get rid of the smart host on the existing server.   – Check.   When you do that, mail is now flowing through the new box.   Next, setup the smart host on the new Exchange Server – check
  5. Now to move the Public folders – check (Well, I say check, it seems that at this point I should walk away for 24 hours and make sure that the data has migrated, which is exactly what I am going to do…)

back tomorrow…..

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