SBS2008 to SBS "V7" Beta – My Migration

Well, here goes….   I am doing a migration on the public build of the SBS Aurora “V7” from my SBS2008 setup.   

Sure, there is a huge migration document….    but lets assume that everything on my network is perfect and see if we can get this down to a few steps….     having the HyperV setup is going to be fantastic here as I can always rollback to my existing SBS server if all hell breaks lose!

  1. Backup Server – Check
  2. Make sure I have the latest service packs and updates on existing SBS 2008 Machine – Check
  3. Migration document tells me to clear down my mailboxes…    ummm…. No!   I haven’t collected my mail since 1995 for a laugh, not about to clear it down now.
  4. Download the Baseline Configuration Analyzer (as you need it for the next tool)
  5. Run the SBS V7 DVD on the existing server, which run’s ADPrep – Check.
  6. Create an Answer File using the SBS Tool – Check.
  7. Run the setup on the new server, with the answerfile. – Check
  8. Time so far – 1 Hour
  9. Now…..   I have been sitting looking at a screen for the next hour while it installs all the features…….
  10. 2 hours in, and finally I get to this screen…..

At this point, I have a server, on the domain, ready for data moves.   That’ll be my next blogpost….

So far, all good!

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