Sometimes you have to post what you think…..

Obamaand screw those that tell you to keep politics off technical blogs!

Everyone I have spoken this morning has said how extatic they are with Obama being elected yesterday.   Never before have I seen such a high amount of non-American’s be so concerned with whom will become the next American president.   Friends sat up overnight because they could not get away from the television, others were calling friends in America, in the middle of the night,  to congratulate and be “part of the party” on the streets.  My sales guy was telling me that people at the school where he dropped off his kids this morning were actually hugging each other!

Is Obama going to change the world?

Who knows….    All I know is this.   There is a general “feel good” factor is with everyone I spoke to this morning, and that “feel good” factor has not been prevalent in the last year or so.    If that is the start of things to come….   bring it on!

Oh, and his speech…     simply outstanding.   Another one for the history books!



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