Sometimes technology just plain sucks

In the past week the following has failed on me:

  1. My HTC Touch decided that I spend entirely too much time on the phone and failed the ear piece on me so that all my customers and friends now have to shout down the line so I can hear them.  (Not much change their then).   I have gone back to a reliable Nokia 6210 whilst I send the HTC back for repair.
  2. My brand new Fujitsu Siemens T4220 Tablet PC decided to have a catastrophic failure and stop booting.   The blue screen was completely useless and gave me no information except to show me that Fujitsu Siemens obviously have some hardware conflict with Vista.  Someone else has the same issue here.   This is the second time this thing has failed on me in a huge way, and therefore it is going back to Fujitsu whom can use it as a doorstep for all I care.   I am going to get Dell to give me a Latitude XT instead, hopefully I will have more luck with that.
  3. My good ‘ol reliable Dell P650 Workstation decided to die also, not bad though as I have had it running all the time for 4 years non-stop.   Windows Home Server’s backup recovery saved me, which was great as it had all the source code for the Shannon scenery on it.

No bad thing though!   Someone pointed out to me that for one whole hour this week I was actually completely detached from any communication device and I looked quite relaxed for the whole 60 minutes

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