DellFAN ™

I thought I would share this conversation that I had with Susan Bradley this evening.   It gave me a giggle.

Me: “Oh, btw… I am typing this from my new Dell XPS 720HTC. This thing SMOKES :)”
Me: “Dell need to understand that the free XPS T-shirt needs to be XXL, not XL. Your average gamer is fatter ;)”
Me: “It comes with this external fan, it is mental”
Susan: “Yeah but does it do a spreadsheet ;)”
Me: “Oh yes… Quickly”

I send this picture:


Me: Check out that fan
Susan: kewl
Susan: I’ve noticed the hardware this year is either better or I didn’t buy well last year, there’s a noticeable difference between my office speed and my home speed from a year ago.
Me: Yes, well… with the XPS, they said that you had to plug the Fan in to overclock the unit otherwise it would overheat. But on the plus side, it keeps you cool too 🙂
Susan: Just so i’m clear.. it’s not the fan directly in front is it?
Me: The one above the monitor there.
Susan: they send THAT? that’s a normal house fan 
Me: Yeah…. they call it the DellFAN ™
Susan: what’s next an a/c unit?

Pause…. for some time

Me: Oh Come ON…. I am winding you up 🙂
Susan: lol
Susan: well you naked people
Susan: one never knows
Me: Man, I am laughing my arse off here 🙂

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