Unable to Assign Static IP Address option greyed out

Quick one that came up today.  Looking on the web for the search term above only found mention that the RRAS server may not have been set to use a static pool of addresses and that is why, in AD Users and computers on the dial in tab, this was grayed out as an option.

The thing was, I was using a static pool.

The answer is, in my case, that this was a Windows 2000 Small Business Server that was still running in Mixed mode.   Changing the domain to Native mode allowed me to enter the static IP for a RRAS Dial in client.

The second part of the problem was more confusing.   On adding an IP to the accounts dial in properties, and clicking apply, I get the error “member profile changes were not saved because member not found” message.   Very odd…   Ahh, a reboot fixed that….


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