GFI Webmonitor 3 – Adult site plugins

Today we had an issue where GFI Webmonitor 3 was giving errors when checking sites with the Yahoo JS Plugin – SiteJudge.js

The URL History was showing the following error:





It turns out that even though I was running the latest build of GFI Webmonitor 3 – version 20061218 3.1.427GFI have since released an updated JS file that you replace in the GFI installation directory.   You simple stop the WebMonitor service and then download and replace this file, then start up the service again.

However…   then I started to get a new error saying that Yahoo’s servers were too busy.   So I started browsing the FTP site for other files and found that you can also use Google Images Plugin or the Microsoft Search Plugin.  

From my own tests, the Google Images Plugin seems to work the best.

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