Playing with the FSX SDK

You know..   since the release of Flight Simulator X, I have been a busy boy 🙂    Working with Arno on kicking off the new site, working on my own new house build, working on the business, the list goes on…

One of the things that I did not get to do was to try the new GMAX Gamepack (SP1) for FSX.   Since I do not read manuals, and Arno knows this, I decided to give him a call on Skype to run over the basics of the new Gamepack that the ACES studio have given us.   

Arno ran through the easy parts with me, then we started to explore a bit more.   As I write this, a new blog post notification has just come in from Arno, and I see he has already explained some of the new things we found.   All I can say is wow! the new export options are amazing….  I cannot wait to get a boned IK animation working on our gates and a tutorial posted for you all!  (I also think we may be able to get animated stair trucks working with the same method)

As Arno says…   we intend on getting together for more of these sessions to get deeper into the feature sets.   When we do, we will try to get tools and tutorials designed and released to the community.   The first one I am pressuring Arno for is a new version of ObjectPlacerXML that will give us the GUID’s from the MDL file automatically.    Pity Arno only has two hands, one brain, and two computers 😉

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