Various SBS posts of interest….

How to tell if SBS R2 is installed
Thanks to Susan for pointing this out, as the question has come up a few times to my email address as well.   

Replacing NIC’s in a SBS Server
Kevin posted this information on how to change the network cards on your SBS box.   Another common question answeredtool Start!

1030 Errors on the workstation
Kevin also posted this information on getting rid of the 1030 errors.   I would like to add to this that I have had success with running the password manager on the machine affected and removing all the saved credentials.  Do this:

Open up Stored User Names and Passwords tool
Start / Run / 'control keymgr.dll'
Delete the Stored Password for the Domain Controller that you are connected to.

The “Banana Hack” – Connecting XP Media Centre Edition to your domain
One more via Kevin’s blog.   A much easier method!  Thanks!

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