Who would have known?

I and the other MR&D forum members that are at the first Minasi Forum Members conference (I made that name up as we don’t have an official name yet) have just come back from Mark’s house.

The food was fantastic and the banter was mighty.    I even got to touch the mystical forum server! 🙂 

During the walk around, I noticed a book on the shelf that I doubt many people know about.   It is “Secrets of the Wing Commander Universe” by Mr Minasi himself!    Now, for those that don’t know, Wing Commander was “The PC Game of the 90’s”, I spent many an hour playing this…   who would have known that back then (when I was like….  12 and Mark was a mere 55 or something) that he was writing a book about a game that drove me to really move into PC’s and understanding them.   Now I admin his forums…   freaky.

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  1. bradley
    May 13, 2006 at 11:54 pm

    55? Oh you do want a short life don’t you?

    Tell the gang Hi.. and sorry I’m absent.. the blog wins out most days and I don’t do the forum much anymore …but the important thing is I met you there 🙂

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