Another trip from hell…. Part 2

This time it isn’t so amusing….   because it sucked.    If the CEO of Continental was standing in front of me right now I would have to wonder what I would do…

They cancelled my flight from Norfolk to Newark.   Ah yes “Act of God….”   (Great if you believe in God).   The fact of the matter is that all other flights seemed to be coming from Newark to Norfolk without issue.    The staff were unhelpful and frankly rude, one even laughed in my face.   Nightmare stuff…   I wonder if I am just unlucky.

Not only was my flight cancelled, but my business seat from Newark to Dublin was moved to the 17th!   Yes, you heard it…  no more seats until the 17th, even if I could get out of Norfolk.

All I can say is thanks to Anthony and Nathan from the forum who could go and check at other carriers / make phone calls for me whilst I tried to find out what was going on.    Nathan went to the Delta desk and they had a single seat left on a flight to Atlanta and then from there another single seat to Dublin.    The only problem was this costed $1300.00, economy, one way….    but then again, I had no choice.

Maybe Continental will give me back some money on my usually non-refundable ticket…   maybe they will pay for the Delta transfer..   






I am just glad to be home to my wife….   nothing like a cooked roast dinner after I got some sleep.

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