Windows Mobile 5.0 Devices and Self Signed Certs

Today, my new IMate K-JAM arrived.   What a beauty of a Smart phone it is.   However, there is a limitation that is going to affect all of us SBSers….

Due to a limitation in Windows Mobile 5.0, the utility that used to allow self signed certificates be trusted no longer works.   What this essentially means is that until the Windows Mobile team produce a new tool to allow this, then we have two choices.   The first is to go and purchase a certificate, the second is to turn off SSL on activesync.   Both of these options suck.  

Feel free to go hassle the team about this on their blog post on the subject.


Hang on… just for giggles, I exported the .cer file from the server, then copied to the Mobile.   After that, I simply double clicked on it and installed the cert.   SSL is working.

However…  this REALLY does need to be an easier process.

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