Forklifted Exchange Migration / Swing Migration, Exchange SP2 and OMA

While we are on the subject of Smart Phones, another issue that I found today was that my Outlook Mobile Access (OMA) was not working correctly.   I was getting all the symptoms described in Microsoft’s Article 817379

as you can see in that article, for SBS users; it basically says to rerun the wizards.  However that did not work for me.    I thought back and remembered that I had not used OMA since I migrated using Jeff Middleton’s Swing kit a while back.  It is either possible that the migration causes this, or some other anomaly had…  I contacted PSS (thanks Damien) who took a look deeper for me.

It turns out, that with Exchange Server 2003 SP2, OMA accounts are looked for differently and therefore I was getting this issue.   The problem was that the homeMTA property of the user’s accounts was incorrect (looking at a deleted record).  The homeMTA setting must, in fact, be the same as the Microsoft MTA setting that is under the configurationservicesexchange side of Active Directory.   Once that entry was correct, then OMA was working again.

Of course, this may be a very rare issue…  but others may come across it.

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