Microsoft Flight Simulator Updates

Yes, I am still excited. Microsoft are once again pulling the inner child out of me (which many would say doesn’t actually take much as its difficult to tell the adult and child me apart anyway).

I am on holiday in Spain right now which is funny because there are no clouds here but in the video on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Insider website there are and they look wonderful. Check that out in Full Screen!

The Flight simulator development team are obviously in tune this time around, as they are being very clear on the website that they are engaged and watching the forums. Specifically the AVSIM.COM forums this time around. I do hope they will stay in touch on places like as well as this thing progresses.

Looking at the updates, we are seeing strong hints at VR and really high quality graphics. Just look at this shot that was posted, the detail is unbelievable and I had to take a second look to see it wasn’t real.

For me, the biggest ask, and i think it is unlikely, will be for support of the Microsoft Hololens. I tried that technology out and the possibilities are endless. (Think no screen on your desk). In the mean time, I am once again looking forward to getting on the Insider program, and hopefully finding out if any of the old crew are still on the team in Redmond!


August (Early/Mid) – Insider Program kickoff

First batch of content for the Insider Program members is being prepared for delivery:Advanced preview of the Development Roadmap
“In-Sim” content – clips captured from build.
Preview Build Program – Detailed information on first build deliverable, Insider participation sign-up

August (Mid/Late) – Development Roadmap Release (v.2019.08/drr1)Development beats through EOY 2019Build Program Recruitment and Release timeline
SDK Update
3rd Party Content Update
UGC Content Update

August (Late) – Build Program KickoffPreview Build Program – Detailed information on first preview build deliverable
Preview Build Program – Public Participation sign-up
Preview Build Program – Preview of next build details

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