Looking for the old version of Air Video?


Yeah, I was too, for over 3 hours through backups and iTunes backups.

Totally unimpressed with http://www.inmethod.com/ for pulling the app from the iTunes store!   Its not like I don’t own Airvideo HD (the new version), but older devices don’t support it, and there is no Linux version for HD!

So, Inmethod people, if you are reading this…   please put it back on the iTunes store.    For those that were as lost as me, here is the file, which you can load again via iTunes if you have an authorised purchase of it.


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  1. Mac
    January 30, 2016 at 4:58 pm

    Hi. Thanks for the old Air Video app link. would you be able to explain the steps to get it to itunes and on to my old ipod? I paid for it but it doesn’t show up on my itunes purchases anymore and got removed from the ipod. thanks so much again.

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