Microsoft Flight – Now accepting beta applications….

Most people say that I act like a child….    but Microsoft always make me come over all excited when I hear about beta releases of Microsoft Flight (Simulator).

I have to say, it seems like only yesterday I was ranting at the MVP summit to Steve Balmer about the companies decision to axe the team making Flight Simulator, so many people loved the product.   It has also been an odd one from a MVP perspective, because soon after (the year after this picture was taken) they got rid of all the Games for Windows MVP’s.   This, I thought odd considering they had announced then that they were “working on a new project” which we now know as Microsoft Flight.

Since then, its been lockdown!   I can only presume there is some really big reason for that…    My simple guess is that the team working on the product did not from one month to the next if they would be kept and they didn’t want to announce or show anything without knowing for sure it was going to happen this time.   (FSX was a marketing disaster on this front).

I also worry that there will never again be Games for Windows MVP’s.   This is of no direct concern to me, as I of course am a Small Business Server MVP and am in my 10th year in the program.   But I do hope that they engage with MVP potentials around the globe again after the product is released as it would be a shame not to have that two way interaction with the team and the “end user” ongoing.    I do note that this year’s MVP summit has no events planned or product representation from the Games for Windows teams….  its a shame.

Anyway, we must push those thoughts aside…    if I keep going on, I might not be accepted to the beta!   That would be a disaster!

Oooooooooh, I can’t wait!

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  1. December 3, 2011 at 3:21 am

    I was just told by Arno that apparently two of the Games for Windows MVP’s are still in the program, oops. Sorry for that misinformation!

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