Got Strict NAT on your Xbox 360 behind Sonicwall firewall devices?

Yeah, me too….  and it is only since Sonicwall updated the firmware to fix this DNS vulnerability.

The problem is, as you know if you are reading this, it means that you cannot play online games in “full” as the video or voice with other Xbox gamers will not work correctly etc.  If you read this article from Microsoft, it explains the issue further.

It will not matter, even if you open up the ports detailed in this article, you are still going to get the “Strict NAT” result from the Xbox Live test.

LIVE test connection

Now the good news…

I have been…   well for lack of a better word…  “Bitching” at Sonicwall, and in fairness to them they have engineering working on seeing if they can get this fixed, while at the same time not opening up the DNS vulnerability again.

Fingers crossed people!



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