You know, I was so close to being convinced I should buy an iPhone when they are released next week here in Ireland.   Even though:

  1. During the life of the iPhone and signing up with 02 Ireland, I would have to spend at least €1669.00.   With that money, I could get very drunk at least 66 times and would enjoy it more.
  2. I am limited to a mere 1GB of data per month without extra charge!  – Listening to the 02 rep trying to justify this on the radio amazed me.   Did she not understand that half the personal emails I receive contain at least 2MB of Porn attachments!   How would I survive. 😉
  3. No Visual Voicemail (until 02 decide they can be bothered). – Silly decision…  another reason to buy a hacked iPhone.

Yet…   none of these reasons were going to be good enough for me not to be sucked into the first 02 shop I passed and end up walking out with an iPhone.   No no….   the reason is:

Steve Jobs has decided that the Flash is not suitable for the iPhone!

What a crock.   That means that I cannot use the iPhone to control a Netstreams DigiLinX system around the house…  Grrrrr.

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