DigitalPersona release a Small Business Server package

DplogoVertnewFor a few years now NTES have been involved with a partner company ASC Software that provides innovative, cost effective, garage management software.

During the initial design phase for the first version of “FleetMinder”, Garren Bellew and I sat down and discussed some of the supported features of the package*.    One of the key things noted at that time was garage users did not want to have to type in passwords, but we needed the system to have security.    We turned to DigitalPersona and implemented their fingerprint recognition system directly into the FleetMinder package.

For the larger clients, the option of adding the DigitalPersona fingerprint scanners was never questioned, but for the Small Businesses, where budget is a concern, they often chose not to implement the scanners, at least initially.    That is why today I was glad to find out that DigitalPersona have finally released a Small Business Server specific version of the DigitalPersona Suite

There is also a datasheet that can be downloaded here.

*    On a side note…  when we were researching this product, somewhere I read that the DigitalPersona finger scanner would not work on a finger that was cut off from the hand.    I would LOVE to meet the dedicated beta tester for that feature

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  1. Garren Bellew
    August 16, 2007 at 5:38 am

    And shake his stump!!!


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