Who's that at the door?

As some of my readers know, I have been setting up NTES to be a technical dealer for Netstreams DigiLinX here in Ireland.DoorLinX

I wanted to let you all know of a new product that is now available to integrate to the system called the DoorLinX.  

This thing has an Extreme Coolness Factor.

Basically, someone comes to your door / gate and they press the button.   This then plays a doorbell sound of choice on the speakers (again, of choice) on your DigiLinX system in the house.

The user can then go to a TouchLinX and talk to the person via the intercom and unlock the gate / door via the interface.   If a camera is installed, then it will also show the video to the user.  All this on an IP network!

I have decided what my first DoorLinX sound will be, though I am aware that my dear wife will have different thoughts.  

Who’s that at the door?     Click Here     “Number 1”, of course.

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