Removing future dated spam mails from GFI Mailarchiver

GFI Mailarchiver is a great product, but it is frustrating that sometimes it catches spam in the archives.   It is worse when the spam has a date set way off in the future as it gets listed right at the top of your main GFI Mailarchiver page.

GFI have articles on the knowledge base on how to combat this but to be honest they do not normally work as most administrators choose to allow the mail get to the user mailbox and then move it to a junk folder.   You can review those articles here and here.

That all said, the point of this blog post is to show you administrators out there how you can remove these annoying spam messages from GFI Mailarchiver.    This is the unsupported GFI Method, and it goes against the legal requirements for mailarchiving.  This is the code that GFI will send you if you ask.  BACKUP FIRST!

Remove the /* comment tags for the parts you wish to use.   This code will also create a new table called tbl which will contain all the deleted information from the arc table only.

Download the scripts here and use at your own risk.  Backup FIRST!

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