IE7 broke my Flight Simulator….

This one caused me a little grief…

I reinstalled my PC over the weekend and that included an install of Internet Explorer Beta 2 Preview as I love the new features it gives us.   I then installed Flight Simulator 9 and the 9.1 patch.   To my horror the game started to load and then crashed out to the desktop.   I did not initially think of the IE7 install as FS9 had been working before with that installed.   Of course the difference was that FS9 was installed before IE7 in that case.

I got some strange errors in the event logs that had no real meaning (EventID 0), and on another test machine I got this error:

Faulting application fs9.exe, version, faulting module mfc70.dll, version 7.0.9466.0, fault address 0x0004a536.

I searched and could find nothing…  then I searched the blogroll.   Of course, the answer came up on Mike’s busy blog!  Delete the OLEACC.DLL file from the root of the Flight Simulator directory and you are good to go.

(Oh Sean….    this is another one of those times I could really do with FS being on the Infopath forms for   I’d have a tech article up within minutes.)

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