Skylook 1.5 Beta Released

As you know, I am a big fan of Skylook, the Skype Outlook add-in.   Today I received the following great news from the team:

Melbourne, Australia (October 17, 2005) – Netralia Pty Ltd, authors of Skylook ( and WaxMail ( today announced the release of Skylook 1.5 Beta.

Skylook 1.0 provided the ability to make Skype voice calls and start Skype text chats from Outlook contacts, as well as providing the ability to keep a complete archive of all communications (including recorded calls) in Outlook folders.

Skylook 1.5 extends these capabilities to provide true unified messaging utilising the Outlook Email client and the Skype VoIP and IM client.

Major new features in Skylook 1.5 are:

  • Answering machine built into Outlook that places recorded messages in the user’s inbox without requiring a Skype Voice Mail subscription.
  • Call monitoring, with ability to pick up call after hearing the first piece of what the caller has to say.
  • Skype Voice Mails in the Outlook inbox.
  • Missed calls in the Outlook inbox.
  • Missed Instant Messages in the Outlook inbox.
  • Convert Skype Voice Mails to MP3 and archive inside Outlook.
  • Record outgoing Voice Mails and archive inside Outlook.
  • One-click hyperlinks to reply immediately to Voice Mails, Missed Calls and Recorder Messages with voice, IM or email.
  • Answer calls and hang up directly from Outlook.
  • Advanced phone number dialing capabilities.
  • Show up to ten on-line Skype contacts in the Outlook toolbar.

“The vision behind Skylook 1.5 is simplicity,” Jeremy Hague of Netralia commented today.  “I don’t want to be looking in multiple different places to see who has been trying to contact me and to review what they are trying to tell me.  I want to have all of that stuff in one place, and the Outlook inbox is what I am used to.  I think a lot of Skype users will feel the same way”.  “With Skylook 1.5, I only ever need look in one place for my incoming messages, whether they are missed calls, automatically answered calls, voice mails, text messages, or, of course, emails.  That place is the Outlook inbox”.

More details are available at

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