Breakpoints and Symbols

I have had a few emails from readers of my ActiveX Article in this months WindowsITPro Magazine all with the same question.   That question is….

I have added the bp SHLWAPI!SHCoExtensionAllowed “db poi(esp+4);g” breakpoint in the windbg.exe application as instructed in your article, but I get an error that says:

Couldn’t resolve error at ‘SHLWAPI!SHCoExtensionAllowed “db poi(esp+4);g”‘

This is caused when the public symbols from Microsoft are not loading correctly.   I was not very specific in my article about adding the symbols path in windbg.exe, so here is how.

  • Open up windbg.exe
  • Click File, Symbol File Path from the menu.
  • Type SRV* in the window and click ok.  (Note the SRV)

Then you can go about the rest of the article….. 🙂

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