Bitz, Terminal Server and my view…

I just spotted this post on
Susan’s blog and I am amazed that she even has to clarify this again.

If you look over Susan’s blog you will find PLENTY of posts on the
subject.   Here,
& here
are some.  


So, you see….   This annoys me.   Susan is a clever
and also a very nice person, but not quite as “to the point” as me,
so let me lay it out for all you people that are still hacking SBS boxes to try
to get Terminal Server running in Application mode.




If you want a Terminal Server, then sell
your client or boss a terminal server and stop bitching about the fact that
Microsoft took this out of SBS2003!

I know for a FACT that if the “boss” or “client”
had the full information about why it is bad to use TS in App mode on
your DC, none of them would complain.


Grumble, Grumble.

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  1. November 3, 2005 at 6:26 am

    Hah! I love it. Nick said it; and let me reiterate – sometimes, just every now and then, those enterprise folks who tell you that you shouldn’t have Exhange, IIS, TS-app mode, and a DC all on one box… sometimes those guys are right!

    Now wait… I’m not saying the SBS-thing is wrong (exchange, dc, iis, on 1 box), because it’s not… I’m just saying use the right tool, for the right job! And hacking SBS to do TS-app-mode is the wrong tool for the job. It doesn’t take much to add another box to do TS for you. Soemtimes you shouldn’t try to squeeze blood from a turnip.

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