Windows 2003 SP1 and SBS2003. Hold yer horses…..

To my dismay today, Microsoft decided to release Windows Server 2003 SP1 on Software Update Services and Windows Update. (Not that this is not a good thing for regular 2003 servers)

The problem is, it is a critical update and also will say to SBS2003 servers “Hey…  install me… I am good for your server”.   This is not what I am reading in newsgroups at the moment 🙂

So…  for the moment, hold off letting Windows Update or Software Update Server install Windows 2003 SP1 on SBS2003.   We have our very own SP1 for SBS2003 coming pretty soon that will have Windows 2003 SP1 and more…



I have also just noticed that my good friend Susan Bradley has some interesting blog posts on the subject (in more detail of course) 😉

They are:
Here and Here


The Magical M&M’s have posted an official response from MS on this issue on their forums here


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