SBS Update for XP SP2 and Stuff about RSS Feeds

First, Chad Gross has just put up a blog about the new XP SP2 update for SBS2003, take a read here

But, this brings up a point.   A common question that comes my way is how do you know about all these new updates, patches and changes for SBS and other products?   You must be searching all day….

Well, no…     Susan Bradley converted me to RSS Feeds a while back, and I would not give them up for all the tea in China.  (Well..   maybe ALL the tea in China, but you get what I mean).

So, I suggest that you go and get yourself a RSS Reader.   There are a few out there, and I use two.  

The first (and best IMHO) is the SmilingGoat Sharepoint Feedreader, available here and FREE!  Coool or what?!   To install this, simply run the install on the SPS Server and go with the defaults.   Then, this batch file will add the webpart to your SPS Sites.  You can also use the STSADM File manually if you want.   Then, kick up Sharepoint and add the webpart, the rest is really easy.

The other Reader is for Outlook, and you need to part with some money.   However, it is also very very cool.   Go to the newsgator site for more info.

Now, go and get your favourite RSS feeds and add them in.   Susan has a great list here.

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