Sage Line 50 2010 – Out of Memory – "The Data Area Passed to a system call is too small"

OK, here is one for you…..

If you have recently upgraded to Sage Line 50 Version 2010, and you are getting the two errors:

“The Data Area Passed to a system call is too small” and “Out of Memory”

….when printing invoices or reports to email.    The issue, for me anyway, was that the remnants of the older PDF driver from Amyuni that Sage use were left on the system.

To fix, close sage, then go into the C:WindowsSystem32spooldriversx64 (on Windows 7 x64) and delete the Amyuni driver files for the older 2.5.x version.   In my case those files were:


but there may be more!   You may also want to delete the newer Version 4 drivers as well, they will reinstall when you print later.

Then reload Sage 50, and all should be good!    Fingers crossed!