Microsoft Flight Simulator Returns

Its not often I get that feeling of being a kid again, but let me tell you… the moment I saw the E3 announcement about Flight Simulator returning to us, it all came flowing back. It was actually the reason I even came back here to look at my blog and think about putting it back to work. This… for… Read more →

Microsoft ending Internal Use Rights for Partners

Microsoft this week have made, what some consider, a massive statement to their Partners. No more Internal Use Rights (IUR) for you. The message has not gone down well with Partners around the globe, and a petition was already setup and is heading towards 3000 signatures at the time of writing. Microsoft Inspire is a week away, and I would… Read more →

Vodafone V-Kids Watch (Ireland) Review

I have 8 year old twins. They get lost… By lost I mean they are nearby, but they are hiding from us – like silent Ninjas. They are up a tree, sitting in a car reading a book, pondering unicorns under a bed somewhere, in the shed building a rocket. By lost I also mean walking out of school so… Read more →

Modifying the Altaro Automate Monitor

If you are a MSP that uses Altaro backup CSP and also Connectwise Automate (like NTES do) you probably make use of the Altaro Automate Monitor. The problem with the monitor is that its filters, by default, are set to show events without any time limit. That means that if you are using a wallboard system, like Brightgauge, then your… Read more →

Resizing an Azure Debian OS Disk – 2018

Yes yes, its been a while.  Frankly I forgot I had a blog.  I am mainly posting this for my own later self googling, because I keep forgetting things in my old age, but I hope it helps you too! For some time now my company has been providing Azure hosting services, and more and more those servers that are… Read more →

3CX V15 on Windows Azure

I wanted to comment directly on Hayden Kirk’s blog, but couldn’t.  So here is a post linking to his to point out just how much pain he saved me on implementing 3CX on Windows Azure.  This made things SO much simpler, so thanks Hayden! He has a script that fixes a PostGres DB issue…  check it out before you even… Read more →

Exclaimer non descriptive error…..

“There was a general problem while updating the user’s signatures and settings during the operation” A very generic error message on a client machine running EXSYNC.EXE which other than above appeared to be ok.  The server also was giving no errors, and policy tests worked. The issue, was simple, but not simple to find.  Because the client machines used to… Read more →