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Remember Squawkbox?

Well, if you do, you will also remember that my site was for years a mirror for the download.   I just found out that lots of people still come here to grab that mirror.    I just put it back. Agh!   I remember the days I had time to develop add-ons for Flight Simulator! 🙂   Read more →

Dovetail Games, do the right thing…..

As some of you know, Flight Simulator and I have a long history….   Which included a break up right around the time Microsoft axed the team and I had a “bit of a rant” at Steve Ballmer at the MVP summit. Some of the team that remained on after, worked hard to try and build within the limits of… Read more →

My mother used to say….

If you have nothing good to say, then say nothing at all. This has been true for anything other 140 characters for me for some time.    I really have not had anything good about the subjects you might expect from me and therefore have kept quiet.  But then, I rarely listened to my mother.. Microsoft have essentially killed the two… Read more →