I take back everything I said about Apple….

bailedAbout 2 months ago, I got so amazingly frustrated with the iPhone 5S and the troubles with signal coverage and breakdowns that I bailed on Apple and got me some new Android S5’s.

I am now eating those words.   Today, the SIM card was put back in the iPhone and I wanted to share with you my own reasons why…

  1. Compared to the iPhone, the Samsung S5 runs like a dog.   An old dog.
  2. Doing email on the stock app on Android is just woeful.   I made it almost better by using Nine (a great app), but it didn’t make up for the rest of the rubbish Android had to offer.
  3. Notifications on Android are less than useless.  Clunky, sometimes don’t open the app in question, slow, the list goes on.   Apple really do have the notification screen perfect in comparison.
  4. The screen, while larger, was a pain in the ass to use with one hand.   That and the fact that the “shrink your screen” motion was impossible to get to work without screwing up something else on the android interface.    Which brings me onto….
  5. … the take a screenshot motion on the Android is stupid.  You have to do a “karate chop” type motion with your hand, and then slide over the screen…  Every time I had to do this, I felt that it would have been easier to detect me slapping the phone of the developers head that designed this stupid motion.
  6. Contacts and Search.   Lets just say that finding anything, an app, a contact, a call on the Android system is just awful.   Google search does work, but its slow to get to and in no way beats the “slide down” motion on IOS.   Even when I went into contacts on Android, searching for someone takes a long time, sometimes doesn’t load and …… agh!


That is just SOME of the issues I had in the two months I have given this thing to try to get used to it.    I told my wife a few days ago that I was changing back to Apple iPhone.   To which she gave a smile and said “I have been waiting.   The enjoyment I have got from watching you try to pretend you like that Samsung has been entertaining”.    I guess that says it all.

Though…   I really do wish that I could get my apps for Windows Mobile, because THAT is an interface I prefer hands down!


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