Eircom Zyxel D1000 – The most useless router on the planet

It never ceases to amaze me how our friends in Eircom are so happy to pass the buck when it comes to the terrible Zyxel D1000 especially when in Bridge Mode.

EircomD1000Its easy for Eircom to say that they do not support bridging, but the reality is that most customer want to avoid a double NAT situation.   Bridging should work, and I have found a trick that makes it work – its really weird.

On the D1000, to bridge the connection you turn off the Wireless, then the Firewall.   Lastly, you change the mode from Router to Bridge in the Broadband setup screen.    With these steps, you should then be able to configure a PPPoE session from your device, your laptop… whatever…

On 50% of Eircom D1000, the bridge might work at this point, but here is where it gets weird…….   (and this situation sometimes happens later after a power cut, or thunder storm)

On the other 50% of the devices we have setup here, the only way to make the bridge mode work is to configure it via the WAN connection (remote access).   The exact same settings as above, but over the WAN port.    <<<  this is insane, for the record.

So, there you have it.   Its on the web now, so it must be a)true* and b)helpful* to some poor person sometime in the future.

*this may be neither helpful or true

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