Are you missing shared folders from your friends on the SkyDrive iPhone app?


SkyDrive is a pretty awesome file sharing and sync tool available for free from Microsoft.  

With Windows 8 around the corner, this and the new mail service are going to be more and more popular.   Anyway, I recently replaced Dropbox and Sugarsync with Skydrive mainly because I am sure that this service from Microsoft is better and will be far more popular with the masses ongoing….

But I had one problem, related to people Sharing their SkyDrive account with me.   No matter what, when they shared it would show up on the web app –  but not on the iphone app.

If you too are missing folders in the “Shared with me” section of the SkyDrive iPhone app, then you might want to take a look at this thread on the Microsoft Answers forum.   As you can see, for me the fix strangely enough was to change my Microsoft Account from the domain to the domain and relogon.

Weird…   but a workaround fix all the same!


EDIT:  Microsoft have informed me on the thread that this is not a fix, but on the three tests I have done it has fixed it each time.   Take from that what you will 🙂


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