MVP Summit 2012 – In summary….

MVP 2012

Its been a while!   I skipped the last two summits, and as I approach the end of this one I wonder why I allowed that to happen.  In this short week I am always amazed as to just how much my brain can absorb the drink knowledge that is available!

This year’s highlights for me so far have been, in no particular order:

The launch of the Windows 8 Community Preview around the globe, and learning about the amazing new features that are coming as part of the desktop and server operating system.   Bill Laing’s blog summarises well

Of course, I cannot say what that means for SBS, I am under a NDA that means that Microsoft are allowed to take me out with their evil laser beam machine (yeah they have one in building 43).

I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty, and witty and gay....Tim Barrett, has been the perfect manwife for me this week.    I had to pair up with someone and thankfully I picked someone with a sense of humour that can only be surpassed by my own 😉     This week Tim spent much of his time cooking and cleaning for our room, while I beat him.    He also seems to always be available with camera right at the moment I chose to do something silly, and push it straight up to the twitter cloud.  @timbarrett and @nickwhittome if you are interested in our shenanigans.

Screen Shot 2012-03-02 at 08.04.30The Microsoft Flight Team also launched while I was here, and it was great to get over to the studios to see the amazing things they are doing.    It was also great to finally meet Jon Masterson, aka Scruffyduck of whom I have known for years but never actually met!  Of course, reliable Adrian Woods –  tech art lead for flight was his usual friendly self, and someone that I have not managed to see in over 4 years!

Most importantly (sorry guys) I also met the new Community PM for Microsoft Flight, Jessica Price.   Someone who is doing some amazing things on the Flight team!   Jessica was a breath of fresh air for me, someone who is obviously passionate about community and community efforts.   I will leave my thoughts on Flight to another post, but in summary, its just going to get better and better and better!  Go and download it for FREE here if you don’t believe me…

Kevin Beares –  Not too much to say here, other than I forget how much I miss our meet up’s and brain storming sessions over copious amounts of alcohol, where we solve most worldly and Microsoft matters.

The SBS MVP’s –  Each and every time I find myself in a room with these people, I always feel like the dumbest person in the room.   Its all about surrounding yourself with clever people right?    On a sidenote, there are certain SBS MVP’s that couldn’t make it this year for various reasons, I miss you guys and hopefully we will catchup by other methods.

WILSON!!Qwest Field / CenturyLink Field last night for our closing party was pretty amazing.   I can only compare it Thomond Park Stadium in Limerick, but bigger…. much much bigger.   

It was quite an experience to get onto the field after much of the other MVP’s had left, stand their and kick a dropkick!   Kevin Beares (being so out of shape) had real trouble keeping up with my nimble sidestepping and moves.  All good fun! 

In summary this was a fun yet technically fulfilling week, which I do not intend missing if I am lucky enough to be renewed for the 11th year in October.   That said, there is nothing quite like the thoughts of getting home to see my wife and twin kids, who I have been away from for the first time ever (the kids that is, the wife likes me to leave as much as possible).

Nick –  The Naked MVP –  Whittome

Nakedness verified, and rather disappointing.


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