Preinstalled operating system bloatware should be banned….

…especially considering the client the OEM products are aimed at.

Over this holiday, I have helped my Mum setup a new home PC.   Two full days I have been at it.   Its not that it would not have worked out of the box, but it would have simply not been “right”.  

Firstly, the computer is an excellent one apart from this stupidity by the OEM partner (in this case Sony).   The same problem also exists on the equivalent Lenovo so I am not picking out one particular vendor.    This computer is one of the new All in one touch screen systems.   Like I said, pretty impressive apart from this annoying need for vendors to install crapware.   Some examples of what I have had to do, and my Mum should not be expected to do!:

  1. Figure out that Sony had completely disabled Internet Explorer as the default browser and installed Chrome.    Reinstalling IE9 and setting defaults was not enough, I had to make registry changes!  Not good!
  2. See that Sony had installed a load of bloatware applications that were scanning for media completely inefficiently and slowing the fast system to a crawl.
  3. MY MAIN GRIPE:  See that not only had Sony not provided Recovery media (they want 50 Pounds for that here in the UK where I am staying), but they had deliberately NOT put the software on the system that creates the recovery media!   That is awful for an amateur user!.   I had to go to the Sony site, download a thing called Sony VAIO care and then update that again, then create the recovery media.   Terrible!

Rant over!  For now! 😉

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