Sage 100 in the bin….

I really do not know what it is about the Sage Management and their underlying development team, but they never seem to finish anything!   I remember years ago when I was working for a Sage Solutions Centre in Dublin they must have tried to release a windows version of Sage Soverign (which later got named Line 100) about 5 times and always failed.

Then they told everyone about three years ago that they were working on a version of Sage 50 that used MySQL Database….  finally we all thought!  A version of Sage 50 that will actually NETWORK properly!   Gah!  I KNEW it was too good to be true.

I got a copy of this announcement today.   Unbelievable….   I think it must be time to look at an alternative product now for us and our customers.   The underlying Sage 50 (essentially flat file DOS format) data HAS to go, and QUICK!

Major FAIL from Sage…..

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