SBS2008 to SBS "V7" Beta – My Migration – Part 5

It shows you……   if you walk away from something for a while, the thing sometimes fixes itself!    The public folder migration from SBS2008 to SBS V7 is now complete!

I ran the nice little script that the SBS migration documents tell me to use to migrate my Public folder data between the two SBS servers again and this time it appears to have worked.  I now have two text files that I can compare side by side to see the data move happening.

Now, the documentation does not say this, but to be sure I have opened up the two text files the exchange script gives me in a free app called WinMerge – to compare the files.   This makes it far less likely that I will miss a public folder!

You can see from the screenshot below the yellow lines are different. Of course, the server name and the date and time will be different.  What we expect to see is the bit highlighted in red (the itemcount).


Now, the document told me to wait 24 hours for this migration, but this only took 10 minutes or so to give me this (correct count) output.    Maybe you have to allow 24 hours for larger public folder databases.

Last thing to do was set the default public folder database to the new server. – Check 🙂

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