BuildToBuildUpgrade – The answer I never Posted

I thought I posted an answer to this before, and Tim Barrett’s tweet prompted me that I hadn’t (when i searched for it).

The answer to the problem Susan explains here is…

“I wanted to update this feedback, just to let you know how I fixed it and the cause.

I installed the UM role on this Exchange Server a while back whilst testing that feature for 3CX phone systems we sell. I believe that the Exchange Server was in a “mid state” of install of the UM role.

To fix, I downloaded the full blown Exchange 2007 with SP1 CD, and I created a folder in
c:program fileswindows small business serverbinCMPNENTS

C:Program FilesWindows Small Business ServerBinCMPNENTSEXCHSRVR80SetupServerRoles

I then copied into that folder the “UnifiedMessaging” folder of the Exchange CD I downloaded.

Then, I ran the Change installation for Exchange 2007 SP1 from Programs and Features, and clicked through that installer.

Lastly, I ran the SP2 installation tool and all was well.

Hope this is in someway helpful?”

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