Netstreams DigiLinX via Small Business Server RWW using Terminal Server 2008

OK, this is completely awesome if I do say so myself.    Tonight I have been playing about with Microsoft Windows Terminal Server 2008 Remote Apps feature, Small Business Server Remote Web Workplace, and Netstreams DigiLinX.

Essentially, other than Music (which I have no interest in accessing while I am away from my house other than my local iTunes library), DigiLinX allows control of other things.   Lighting, Heating, Camera’s etc….   

The problem is that DigiLinX does not currently give you a way to access the interface easily.    Its not that I don’t expect Netstreams to come up with a method of remote access, but I personally – and a client – are looking for a way right now to do this.

So, here is what I have managed to achieve.   A DigiLinX Terminal Server RemoteApp running on your desktop as if you were running on the LAN locally.   The link is available on my SBS Remote Web Workplace site, but could just as easily just be an icon on your local desktop.

First, I logon to the website:














Then, on my homepage, I see all my remote applications














I can click the DigiLinX Remote Control, and that will open the app in a new window, just as if I were running it on my desktop….

First, the Lighting controls (Rako in this case)




























Camera’s (yes they work just like you are locally on site).   Excuse the darkness, its night time here!














By now you get the idea.   This is a working setup, if you want more details you can contact me at NTES, where we can implement this solution for you.

Man, I love technology!

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