RSS / TCP Offloading strikes again. Microsoft should KILL this feature for the masses…

Hi All,


This is more of a rant than anything….      but I would love other peoples thoughts.


Today, in my own office, a Intel NIC driver was installed on a Windows 7 PC.    This driver enabled RSS, TCP offloading etc.    I got a call to tell me that once again access to the Companyweb was slow on SBS and that typing in http://companyweb in Office products paused for 30 second or more before showing the site content.


This symptom has taught me to first look at the network card settings and disable TCP offloading features, which sure enough fixed the problem.


My question is this…


WHY is this feature even available in Windows / Network Card drivers when I cannot find even ONE common situation where this feature has helped a network or server?


Seriously….   Why don’t Microsoft simply turn this feature off by default in an update to ALL versions of Windows and block drivers from enabling it without a user input?   


Over the past years I get more calls on support to our office that related to this supposedly great feature than anything else.    On top of that, I would say that there must be millions of people out there that do not even know why their servers are slow, PC’s are slow and network copying slow……


Rant over…



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